Renovation - Rehabilitation




Rehabilitation of a media library, redefinition of learning spaces and upgrade to standards

Multi-purpose complex




Rehabilitation of a former XVIIIth century farmhouse into an exhibition room, a reception hall and various rooms

"MAU" house




Outbuildings renovation in order to create a house

"DUB" house




Extension of a charming house, plus a veranda

"BRL" house




Outbuildings renovation in order to create an apartment

City house




City house renovation and exterior developments

Old gas station




Commercial heritage rehabilitation in the heart of a charming village

Building complex




Building complex renovation and new constructions of the same style; landscaping, pathways and access

"Saintongeaise" farm




General renovation and extensions; transformation of barns and cellars into living spaces and redesign of the North facade





General renovation and outbuildings arrangement; deliberate break with the rustic style marked by the definition of spaces and the appropriate selection of materials

City house




Access to the thermal performance of this 30's house by using exterior insulation, wood siding and aluminum joinery

Old car park in Bordeaux




Transformation of an old cellar/a car park in protected city centre into car park and housing thanks to an intermediate level which had to be created; housing opening onto the street or the rooftop with patios


Last edited: 02/04/2020